Word… Life, Son presents midwest t-shirts, bootlegs, artwork and rap related deep cuts for your posse by Goodwill Hunter (ST) and MSG317. WLS is an extra small business supported and operated by the good people at More Than Corn LLC.

Currently, all of our t-shirts offered here are direct to garment (or DTG) prints on American Apparel Fine Jersey 2001 products (unless otherwise noted).  The inks used in our DTG printing are water based, pigmented inks that are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly.

We will be offering some hand-crafted, limited edition screen printed products in the near future. Also, stay tuned for the Bootleg of the Month club coming soon. Subscribe via email here to be in the loop.

For sales, questions, complaints and bogus offers please contact us here.

And remember folks, we don’t like to make money we just love to sell merch!